Venice Music Project

Venice Music Project welcomes you to enjoy a true Baroque Concert Experience

Venice Music Project enters its 10th Anniversary Season as the foremost nonprofit association in Italy for musical research, restoration, and performance.

Venice Music Project takes you into the world of Casanova, as if you were in a Venetian palazzo or opera house. You will hear music that was first performed in Venice over 200 years ago, at the height of the Venetian Baroque’s musical splendor.

Just as other international organizations restore Venice’s art and architecture, Venice Music Project restores her music. Over the past decade, our musical archaeology has unearthed thousands of amazing manuscripts that have been lost in archives for centuries, for no better reason than that the world went mad for Mozart and forgot the composers who taught and formed him. Venice Music Project’s musical detectives have been hard at work to uncover lost musical masterpieces, so you may be lucky enough to be among the first to hear one of them in modern day!

In 2022, Venice Music Project has embarked on a wonderful collaboration with the Scuola Grande dei Carmini, the last of these artistic and charitable societies to have been created at the height of the Venetian Republic. You will have the opportunity to wander the rooms and visit the treasures held in them – Tiepolo frescoes and richly carved paneling – before the concert, all included in your ticket.

Join our cheering section, and help these lost composers find their voices.

We will Ba-ROCK you!



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