Summer has arrived and our Spring season is drawing to a close. Don't worry! We plan to conclude in grand style with a musical duel between several of the greatest composers!♪♫♬

Our last concert from the first part of the 2019 season will feature three great composers who are all connected to our city; Antonio Vivaldi, Niccolo´ Jommelli and Johann Adolf Hasse!

It’s valid to ask if composer Johann Adolph Hasse should be included in this list, but in reality the city of Venice city had a lot to offer him and vice versa. He was in fact appointed chapel master of the Conservatorio degli Incurabili, where he met the singer Faustina Bordoni who later became his wife. It is in Venice where he composed the Artaserse and the Miserere, considered to be one of the greatest masterpieces of sacred music.

Niccolo’ Jommelli, who was Neapolitan by birth, went to Venice where his opera Merope roused so much admiration that the Council of Ten appointed him as Director of the Conservatorio delle poverelle. It was in that period that he composed his first pieces of church music, including a Laudate for two choirs and eight voices, which is considered to be one of his greatest works in this genre.

We will present various arias from operas such as "Il Giustino", "L´Orlando Furioso", "La Semiramide", "Il Demoofonte" and many others together with symphonies and concertos that will allow the listener to appreciate both the instrumental and vocal music of our selected composers!

Don’t miss this opportunity!



Symphony N.3 in D major for Strings and Basso continuo
Aria “Dies Illa" for Contralto
from the Requiem
Aria “Se tutti i mali miei io ti potessi dir”
from the Opera “Demofoonte" Act II
Symphony N.6 in G minor for Strings and Basso continuo
Aria “Fuggi dagl'occhi miei”
from the Opera “Semiramide” act III
Aria “Se pieta' da voi non trovo”
from the Opera “Ipermestra “ Act I-Scene IX
Concerto in G major for Strings and Basso continuo
RV 146
Allegro-Andante -Presto
Aria “Vedro' con mio diletto”
from the Opera “Giustino”RV 717
Aria “Ah fuggi rapido”
from the Opera “Orlando furioso “
Duet "Pur ti miro "
from "L'Incoronazione di Poppea"
Duet for Soprano and Contralto

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