Bud Roach
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This weekend, Venice Music Project offers you a unique program that will take you on a musical journey from England to Italy, guided by a very special guest...♪♫♬

Let us briefly introduce him...

Special guest Bud Roach hails from Canada! He is a singer and a theorbist (a theorbo player; which is a musical instrument similar to a lute), as well as a great musician who collaborates with the London Symphonia Les Violons du Roy, the Hamilton Philarmonic and many others.

We are very proud to host him on the Venice Music Project stage, also because he was one of the former students who participated in the Venice Opera Project; a month-long course in Baroque opera organized by Venice Music Project in 2015. He performed as a singer in the production of Gli amori di Apollo and Dafne by F. Cavalli, presented at the closing show of the course's program.

Bud has arranged the program for his concert ‘O Envious Day’ around the themes of the night, its beauty and the passage of time; with music by H. and W. Lawes, J. Wilson, T. Merula and many others. We look forward to sharing this experience with you!




Wherefore peep’st thou Envious Day? John Wilson
A pot of flowers presented to Chloris Henry Lawes

You Meaner Beauties of the Night Anon.

To the first object of content Henry Lawes

Cupid Scorned John Wilson

On this verdant Lotus Laid John Gamble
(d. 1687)

Languish and despair, my heart! John Wilson
Lingua mia che si lontana Pietro Paolo Sabbatini
(1600 – 1657)

Vezzosa pargoletta Claudio Saracini

Come l’oro in sen si mira Domenico Melli
(fl. 1616)

Folle e ben che si crede Tarquinio Merula

L’amante incostante Maurizio Cazzati
(1616 – 1678)
Have you seen but a white lily grow Robert Johnson
(c. 1583 – 1633)

Love’s Torment Henry Lawes
Love’s Sweet Repose
Chloris dead, lamented by Amintor
Gather ye rosebuds whilst you may William Lawes

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