The "Red Priest" and his sacred music will be the feature of this Sunday's concert ♪♫♬

Antonio Vivaldi is best known for his instrumental concerts, such as "The Four Seasons", which stands out as his most famous and widely known concerto. However, Vivaldi also ventured into other styles, such as sonatas, choral works, cantatas and operas. This wandering from one style to another, also led him to compose sacred music. His corpus of sacred music is not very extensive, mostly because he was not often commissioned to produce sacred works except by private individuals. Nonetheless, his surviving repertoire of sacred works further attests to the compositional genius of “the Red Priest”, who was also of great influence to Bach!

The motets (a polyphonic compositional form originating in the thirteenth century with progressive development until the nineteenth century, dedicated mainly to liturgical use) by Vivaldi are steeped with the various musical innovations of the time, in particular the operatic ones. This can be seen above all in his solo voice motets, described by Denis Arnold as "concerts for voice", which present parts of pure vocal performances.

Two motets have been selected for this week's concert, Nulla in mundo pax sincera and In furore iustissimae irae. Since these are sacred works, the texts are entirely in Latin. Thanks to a collaboration involving the students of class VB from the Liceo Classico “Marco Polo” (Venice), under the guidance of Prof. Alice Franceschini who proposed the initiative, you will be able to understand and fully immerse yourselves in the textual and musical meaning of these two small masterpieces!



Concerto for Strings and Harpsichord in G major RV 146 Allegro, Andante e sempre piano, Presto
Concerto for Strings and Harpsichord in D minor RV 127
Allegro, Largo, Allegro
Nulla in Mundo Pax Sincera RV630
Aria (Larghetto)-Recitativo-Aria (Allegro)-Alleluia (Allegro)
Motet for Soprano and Strings
Concerto for Strings and Harpsichord in E minor RV 134
Allegro moderato, Andante, Allegro
Concerto for Strings and Harpsichord in C minor RV 120
Allegro non molto, Largo, Allegro
In Furore Iustissimae Irae RV 626
Aria (Allegro)-Recitativo-Aria (Largo)-Alleluia (Allegro)
Motet for Soprano and Strings

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