Gioele Gusberti teams up with Venice Music Project to offer a unique and elegant program! ♪♫♬

Gioele Gusberti aims to strike you in the heart with a music program containing unpublished works! In collaboration with Venice Music Project’s resident musicians, he has selected pieces that will showcase a unique baroque program with a whole new slant. The presentation of unpublished works is an important mission of Venice Music Project, who also encourages its guest performers to delve into the vast and innovative repertoire of rediscovered music, offering a unique gift for the concert audience.

The cellist tells us the vocal pieces were chosen for the intrinsic union that is created between the voice of the cello and the voice of the singer, following the principle of thematic imitations. Gioele Gusberti also speaks of sentimentalism regarding the choice of D. Galli's Sonata III, because it was the subject material of his first recording. The other instrumental pieces were researched and chosen for their strong connection with the history of the cello, which leads to the discovery or rediscovery of various schools such as Piedmont (Somis), Naples (Lulier) or even Rome (Scarlatti).




(1730 - 1768)

Sonata III " a Francesco II d'Este"
for Cello

(1651 - 1690)
"Vuoi che mori", from the Opera Eliogabalo
Aria for Soprano, Cello and basso continuo

(1682 - 1761)
Sonata VI
for Cello and basso continuo
Adagio - Allegro - Adagio - Allegro
(1662 - 1700)

"I begli occhi del mio bene"
from the cantata Amor di che tu voi
(1660 - 1725)

Sonata I
for Cello and basso continuo
(1640 - 1720)

Lamento della Vergine
for Soprano and basso continuo
(1686 - 1763)

(1685 - 1750)
Sonata IX in G minor
for Cello and basso continuo

"Höchster mache deine Güte"
Aria from the cantata Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen, BWV 51
Gioele Gusberti, from Cremona, studied baroque and classical cello with C. Frigerio after earning his diploma with E. Contini. He then finished his studies with G. Nasillo and later on perfected his cello. He primarily focuses on chamber music collaborating with various Ensembles. He collaborated as first chair on cello with various directors, such as T. Koopman, D. Gutknecht, A. De Marchi, E. Höbarth, L. Ghielmi, S. Balestracci, G. Capuano. He performed in multiple concerts, many of which as a soloist in prestigious venues and Festivals, as well as tours around Europe and Japan. He also was part of award-winning recordings of chamber music published for Discantica, Bongiovanni, Tactus, Velut Luna, L.C. Centaurus, Hyperion, Amadeus, Brilliant, Sony, UraniaRecords. Among the soloist albums he recorded as first performance the 12 sonatas of the “Trattenimento Musicale” by D. Galli, “Eight Duets for Two Violoncellos” by Giovanni Battista Cirri and the XII Sonatas for Cello and Basso Continuo by Giovanni Battista Somis. The interest for recovering of the performance practice inspired him to publish essays for recordings and to coordinate musicological publications and transcriptions of unpublished music for Musedita, Diastema (which in September 2014 included him in its scientific committee) and for Armelin-Padova he edited a volume titled “11 transcriptions for Ensembles of Cellos of 3 & 4 parts” with a presentation by Giovanni Gnocchi. He held several seminars as lecturer and since 2008 he curates essays, articles, interviews and reviews for Archi Magazine based in Rome. He plays on a cello of Christian Guidetti – Locarno, kindly granted to him by the author and on a cello from the private collection M. Maggi of Cremona.

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