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Here's the second newsletter dedicated to our guests!


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In this newsletter we are pleased to introduce Dima Bakri.

Dima is an Israeli mezzosoprano, born in Acre. We interviewed her, and she had many interesting things to tell us, starting with the fact that in her home, there was always music, mostly classical Arabic music, because her family have Palestinian Arabic background, but thanks to her mom, they also grew up with Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and Vivaldi.

Dima's musical studies started when she auditioned to study piano at the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance. She then started to sing in the choir, and in the process,discovered her voice. This is her story:

"One day, I ran into the Maestro Mendi Rodan (RIP), and he asked me, "What do you study here? "
"Piano," I replied, but he disagreed with a smile, and told me: " You are a singer... You just do not know it yet ."
"I forgot all about this incident, and two years later, I decided to follow my childhood passion and take vocal lessons, which led me to Venice for the masterclass, Venice Opera Project (2014), directed by Liesl Odenweller. I made my first public vocal appearance then, and never looked back, because I had understood what I wanted to do with my life".

Dima then decided to study at the Conservatory B. Marcello in Venice. In Autumn 2019, she graduated with a degree in Opera and Musical Theatre, and she is now pursuing a Master's degree at the same conservatory, specializing in Renaissance & Baroque vocal studies. Dima has been singing as a soloist for a few years now, and we can't wait for you to meet her!

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