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To abide by the DPCM of 1 April, we are sorry to inform you that all concerts must be suspended until the week of 13 April at the earliest,

and we will quite probably be forced to delay our season for quite a bit longer than that.

Safety is of paramount importance, so any decision we make will be with that in mind.


Following the latest Italian decree about safety measures, it is impossible for VMP to consider holding our scheduled concerts for Holy Week, on 4,5,8,10, and 12 April. This year, we were particularly excited to present for the first time "Le Tenebrae" by Nicola Porpora on 8 April, which was written to be performed during Holy Week, and we are very sorry to have to cancel this wonderful music.
As we wait for the situation to improve, we hope that you are all well and staying safe, and we can't wait to finally share magical musical moments with all of you who are so dear to us!
We would like to share with you a new initiative of Venice Music Project, #21stCenturyDecameron, which is born out of this global crisis. We already have dedicated a Facebook page to it, and will let you know as soon as our website is ready for launching.
Just as the10 Florentines who escaped the plague and took refuge in the Tuscan countryside in the Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio passed the time and entertained themselves by telling stories, we would love for you to share with us on the available 21st-century platforms your stories, videos, photos, music, etc from quarantine/lockdown/social distancing. Please feel free to use the hashtag #21stCenturyDecameron or post to the Facebook Page. We are all part of the global VMP community, and if we can help each other to pass the time, what a wonderful thing that is!
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And if you would like to help us keep our projects going in these particularly difficult times, we would be so happy for you to click here and help us out. No amount is too small -- OR too large! Grazie.
We hope to start Ba-ROCKing you again very soon!
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2020 Calendar

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Can't make it to one of our concerts?
Please consider joining Friends of Venice Music Project, thereby supporting us in our season and our efforts to help fund the restoration of the historical and beautiful settings we perform in. You can support us by sharing our initiative with friends and family and by making a donation. Any donation, even a small contribution, will help us achieve our goals!
Venice Music Project is a 501(c)3 organization (Tax Identification Number: 47-2306591), your contribution toward our work is tax deductible in the US to the full extent of the law.

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