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To celebrate Barbara Strozzi's 400th birthday, we will be presenting a wide range of vocal and instrumental pieces composed by the singer herself. ♪♫♬

Barbara Strozzi is one of the greatest composers of Venetian Baroque repertoire, and this Sunday will be the protagonist of our concert. Elena Biscuola, Gioele Gusberti and Carlo Steno Rossi will be performing a selection of these musical pearls for you!

We also wish to announce that this concert will be dedicated to a wonderful individual of the Baroque music scene of our time: Alan Curtis, outstanding harpsichordist and passionate musicologist, who would have turned 85 years old on November 17th, but unfortunately left us in 2015.

We wish to pay tribute to Alan, who has been a great supporter of Venice Music Project since its inception. It is thanks to Alan that the "Hidden Treasures" programs have come to life, because his passion for musical research has allowed us to come into possession of those wonderful unearthed manuscripts that had previously been forgotten.

Thank you Alan!



Domenico Gabrielli

Ricercata I
a cello solo

Barbara Strozzi

Cantata "In medio maris"
for contralto and basso continuo

Giuseppe Maria Jacchini

Sonata VIII in C major
for cello and basso continuo
Adagio, Presto Prestissimo, Adagio, Aria-Allegro

Barbara Strozzi

Cantata "Salve Sancta Caro"
for contralto and basso continuo

Domenico Gabrielli

Sonata in G major
for cello and basso continuo
Grave-Presto-Adagio, Allegro, Largo, Allegro

Barbara Strozzi

Cantata "Iubilmeus"
for contralto and basso continuo

Domenico Passionei

Sonata XII
for cello and basso continuo
Grave, Andante, Adagio, Allegro

J. S. Bach
Largo from Sonata in G major BWV 968
version by the author for harpsichord solo

G. F. Handel

Aria "Lascia ch’io pianga"
for contralto and basso continuo

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