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A Venetian Affair

Venice Music Project: our story

 In 2013, a group of internationally recognized musicians who live or studied in Venice, tired of traveling the world, decided to create a new musical reality in this amazing city.

Specializing in concerts with historic instruments in the exact style of Vivaldi’s time, we quickly realized discovered, in the course of our “musical archaeology,” how many amazing manuscripts of music were forgotten in archives and libraries when the world went mad for Mozart! So we made it our mission to transcribe and start to perform them for the first time in 200-300 years! In 2018, Venice Music Project launches its new “Hidden Treasures” series, to feature some of the music we have discovered.

Inspired by other international historic and artistic preservation endeavors, our mission has been expanded to help to fund the restoration of the beautiful and historic venues where we perform. In this manner, we hope to leave a greater Venetian patrimony for this and future generations to enjoy.

It is thanks to the strong musical traditions of Venice, sponsored by the families that were the backbone of the Republic of the Serenissima, that we have today’s music. Without Venetian Church music and Monteverdi’s advances with polyphony, the great traditions of choral music in England, France, and Germany would never have developed. Without the operas written by Monteverdi, Cavalli, and Vivaldi, not only would the later styles of opera never have been invented, but also there would be no basis for the American Musical or the German and Viennese Operetta, the Spanish Zarzuela, and even rock, pop, and contemporary music as we know it.

Even as we restore, we also create: the original pastiche that was created in 2014 by Liesl Odenweller and Andrea di Robilant based on the true 18th-century Venetian love story as recounted in Robilant’s book A Venetian Affair, has quickly become a favorite, drawing international audiences to the performances in Venice. The production, with music by Venetia Antiqua, narrated by Robilant himselt, will tour in the US and Canada in 2019.

We are excited to share this music with the world, and look forward to having you with us!

And remember…

We will Ba-ROCK you!