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Cristina Vidoni

Cristina Vidoni Nata a Udine, inizia a suonare violoncello all’età di 6 anni con il Prof. E. Francescato, sotto la guida del quale ottiene, nel 2009, il Diploma con il massimo dei voti, “cum laude” e menzione speciale presso il Conservatorio “J. Tomadini”. Dal 2011 i suoi studi di violoncello proseguono in Svizzera, nella classe […]

Mauro Spinazzè

Mauro Spinazzè Mauro Spinazzè was born in Treviso in 1988 and started studying music when he was a child. He earned his diploma under the guidance of M° Coretti-Kuret in 2007 and earned his degree in baroque-classic violin in 2011 with the highest grades under the guidance of M° Giorgio Fava. He then participated in […]

Carlo Rossi

Carlo Steno Rossi Earned his diploma in Pianoforte at the Conservatory “G. Tartini” of Trieste and his diploma in Harpsichord at the Conservatory “F.A. Bonporti” of Trento with highest honors. He then studied at the Schola Cantorum of Basilea in order to deepen and expand on, in a philological manner, the execution of antique and […]

Liesl Odenweller

Liesl Odenweller Soprano, appreciated in Europe as a versatile American artist, consistently delights audiences and critics in her unique and exciting interpretations of a wide variety of repertoire. The recipient of numerous awards and grants, Liesl has sung operatic roles and concerts in some of the world’s most prestigious theaters, including Carnegie Hall , Teatro […]

Fabiano Martignago

Fabiano Martignago In 2015 Fabiano Martignago earned his degree in recorder with the highest grades from the Conservatory A. Pedrollo of Vicenza. In 2009 he came in first at the I° Concorso Nazionale of recorder organized by E.R.T.A. (European Recorder Teachers’  Association) in Padova. In 2011 he won as a soloist in the eighth edition of the […]

Gioele Gusberti

Gioele Gusberti From Cremona, studied baroque and classical cello with C. Frigerio after earning his diploma with E. Contini. He then finished his studies with G. Nasillo and later on perfected his cello playing with A. Gervreau, M. Valli, A. Palmeri and with S. Vegetti. He primarily focuses on chamber music collaborating with various Ensembles, […]

Fabio Conte

Fabio Conte In 1993 Fabio Conte earned his degree in contrabass with top grades and under the guidance of Maestri A. Rasi and C. Gasparoni, perfectioning his skills later on with Maestro E. Fioravanti. He specialized in the study of antique music, which he expanded by studying the bass viole earning a degree in 2001 […]

Chiara Arzenton

Chiara Arzenton Chiara Arzenton earned her degree in violin in February 2010 from the Conservatory of Adria (RO) under the guidance of Maestro Maria Chiara Nonnato. She then started a two-year long internship. She continued her studies with Maestro Enzo Porta in Bologna. She has collaborated with the Orchestra di Padova, Orchestra del Veneto, Offerta Musicale di […]