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Fabiano Martignago


Fabiano Martignago

In 2015 Fabiano Martignago earned his degree in recorder with the highest grades from the Conservatory A. Pedrollo of Vicenza. In 2009 he came in first at the I° Concorso Nazionale of recorder organized by E.R.T.A. (European Recorder Teachers’  Association) in Padova.

In 2011 he won as a soloist in the eighth edition of the Premio Nazionale delle Arti, section “Musica con strumenti antichi” in Benevento.

He perfected his studies with Dan Laurin, Kees Boeke, Stefano Bagliano, and Lorenzo Cavasanti.

He performed in numerous concerts in Italy and around the world, both with chamber music formations and also as a solo artist, with a repertoire of antique and baroque music. He performed in important national and international festivals, such as “Steirisches Kammermusik Festival” in Graz (Austria), the XV° Festival “Musique de Chambre” in Beausoleil (France), “Ghislierimusica” in Pavia, “Settimane Barocche” in Brescia, “L’Orecchio di Giano” in Rome, “Monteverdi Festival” in Mantova, “Antiqua” in Torino, the XIX° Festival “Le vie del barocco” in Genova and Savona.

In 2013 he performed in a concert live from Sala Assunta of Radio Vaticana.

He is a member of the Ensemble Seconda Prattica and of the Italian quartet of recorders Icarus; he collaborates with various groups, such as Il Pomo D’Oro, Ensemble Collegium Pro Musica, the Orchestra Mitteleuropea Lorenzo Da Ponte, Venice Music Project, Barocco Europeo, and Rosso Porpora.

He participated in recordings for Brilliant, Glossa and La Bottega Discantica.

He teaches recorder at the music school G. Gabrieli” in Cornuda (TV).


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