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Italian Glass Weeks


Hello everyone!
Welcome to a new Patreon post by your favorite Venetian Baroque Music organisation! 

We wanted to share some super-cool news with you: VMP will be a part of Italian Glass Weeks this year.
If you’re not familiar with this event, let us tell you about it!
The Italian Glass Weeks is one of the most cherished and enjoyed events of the year, and it is an honour for us to be a part of it, especially since this is the first year they have expanded from Venice Glass Week to Italian Glass Weeks, with events also in Milan, and its growing popularity amongst Italian citizens.

We have a very special concert on the 17th of September with a very special guest: Igor Skylarov; an amazing Glass Harmonica player who has been kind enough to join us to ensure that your experience of The Italian Glass Weeks with us is as authentic and memorable as possible.

We will of course give you more details as the concert approaches, but stay tuned for new Patreon posts!
(They might have special information that you can only find on this platform) 


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