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VMP Fall Season coming up!


Dear all, 

As you may know VMP’s Fall Seasons starts on September 3rd!
After the group will get almost two weeks of “vacation”(more like two weeks of preparation for the new season lol), they will all be ready to get back to it! 

Who misses us? You know you miss us. 

This season, we will have a bunch of special treats for you guys, including Italian Glass Weeks and a few new discoveries: did you know that Pyramus and Thisbe, a play written by William Shakespeare, is also an opera?
Make sure you come and see that concert. Definitely not one to miss out on! 

We do also miss our weekly concerts and being in touch (following Covid-19’s safety rules obviously) with the community and meeting different Baroque-Loving people from all over the world!
Yes, our concerts are also a place to meet new and interesting people!
Fun fact: the Main Soprano usually stays out a few minutes after every concert and talks to our guests!
How cool is that! 

If you need more information about the season or about us, be sure to check our website and follow us on Instagram and Twitter. 

We will Ba-ROCK you! 


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