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We are going Live !!!

We are going Live !!!



And you can watch us from the comfort of your living room on Sunday, 28 June at 7pm EDT; 6pm GMT; 1pm EDT; 10am Pacific Time

We are so excited to perform our first live-stream concert from Palazzo Loredan dell’Ambasciatore on the Grand Canal in Venice! It is a new experience for us, but at the moment, it is the safest way to share our music and excitement at being able to perform together again.


We have divided our live stream into 2 parts:

  • Informal Backstage chat 30 min before the concert starts
    (6.30pm EDT, 5.30pm GMT; 12.30pm EDT; 9.30am Pacific Time) at:

We will be telling you a bit about our quarantine experiences in Venice, and showing you some images that we shot during our few permitted outdoor excursions. And of course amazing views of and from the palazzo, which is normally not open to the public!

  • To watch us live
    (7.00pm EDT, 6.00pm GMT; 1.00pm EDT; 10.00 am Pacific Time)
  • To purchase your tickets (starting at just $13) and access the concert platform use this link

    Please feel free to share these links with your family, friends, on social media, and with anyone you think would enjoy hearing us.

    Venice has always been special, but never more so than during our 3-month lockdown. We would like to bring you into our reality so you can see what we were so privileged to experience.

    If you would like to become a Member or help support our continuing research and musical archaeology, please visit our web page Help preserve Venice’s Musical Heritage or click on the link in the box below

    And, as always,
    We will Ba-ROCK you!!


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