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Our Supporters

Venice Music Project is so grateful to all of our generous supporters. Without you, we could not continue our important work! Thank you, each and every one of you.

We thank our generous 2020-2021 supporters:  Raymond Albright, Susan Amatangelo, Curtis Anderson, John Anderson and Jonathan Dudley, Tamara Andruszkiewicz, Bill and Julie Ashbey, Associazione Traghetto Gondole San Toma’, Mark Atkinson, Soizic Adouard, Eda and Steve Baruch, Kamran Bayegan, Gary Beberman and Laurie Frankel, Diane and Cesare Benelli, Jane and George Blunden, Eleanor and Bill Boehler, Sarah and Francesco Boscu, Marcy Brenner, Tim Brown, Cheryl and Bill Bundy, Jan Bush, Pamela and Kent Cartwright, Carmen Chassot, Brian Condon, Elinor Constable, Meryl and Chris Cooper, David and Mary Cost, Polly and Ted Coxe, Thom Culcasi, Victoria Davies, Bert Decneut and Minneke Stuyck, Delores Delli Santi, Meredith and Eric Denker, Megumi Eda, Conrad Ekkens, Isabelle and Jim English, Annie Fenn, Stacy Ferrati, Anne and Christopher Flowers, Frank Family Charitable Foundation, Isidora Freris, Julie Galdieri, Ellen Garrity, Leslie Genninger, Ian Gibson-Smith, Federico and Micaela Gigliotti, Felicity and Michael Gillette, Ann Gilmartin, June Grant, Greater Cincinnati Foundation Grant, Stacy Grenier, K. Scott Gudgeon, Gerard Holland and Dietrich Thumser, Raymond Hughes, Judy and Christopher Hurrion, Cassandra and Frederick Ilchman, Betsy and Bill Johnston, Jessica Karp, Emily Klassen, Emily and Peter Leach, David Lowe, Juliana Lowry, Geraldine Ludbrook, Candace Magner, Steve Mandel, Piero Marchesi and Irina Ivancich, Deborah Mintz, Monteverdi LLC, Damon Myers, Laura Niebling, Jane and Bob Odenweller, Nancy O’Halloran, Amy Osajima, Susan N. Palmarin, Elizabeth and Steve Parker, Georgina Paul and Judith Unwin, Enrique Perez de Guzman, Andrea Pettenello, Cecelia Pierotti, Brian Price, Jonathan and Nina Punt, Eric Randolph, Arun Rangaswamy and Phil Frost, Radha Rangaswamy, Malina Rauschenfelds, Kathleen Redd Henderson, Margaret and Derek Richardson, Bud Roach, Mara and Heather Robinson, Ellen and Robert Rose, John Rose and Philip Truckenbrod, Erik Roth,  Sally and Blair Ruble, Paula Rudinoff, Margaret and Peter Sandberg, Lorenza Savini, Eric-Jan and Karen Schmidt, Sally Skidmore, John Skubel, Parish of San Zulian via Betty Ferrari and Peter Smallpeice, Martin Smith, Erika Sunnegardh, Marica Tacconi, Mary Thomas Tacconi, Cesilie Tandero, Margaret Tew Romero, Gary Spenik and Deborah White, Harvey Thomas, Maureen and David Thomas, Susanna and Marco Tribo’, Randy Turk, Bernard van der Hoeven, Johanna von der Decken, Gilly and Chris Wiscarson, Martha Stires Wright, John Zeiler.


In-kind gifts: Roger Branson, Class VB Liceo Classico Marco Polo, Gualti, Hotel American Dinesen, Immagina7376, Anita Mukiza, Opale Venezia, Cecelia Pierotti, Luisella Romeo, Paolo Rusca, St. George’s Venice, Raymond Scott, Vigna Belvedere, Alexandra Voltan, Katia Waegemans.